Weddings: Gio and Stacy

It felt so good to be around people so joyful and excited to be there for this beautiful couple. It's very easy to forget that people are built for this kind of thing: to be able to get together and celebrate or acknowledge one purpose. And that one thing was the promise that God has for every man, woman, and child; a life full of blessing and abundance even through sickness and health; whether rich or poor. It is a celebration of life and you get to see life come alive within the span of a couple hours of food, drink, and good music.

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Julian Santa AnaComment
hiatus from the hype

I don't want the reader of this post to think that I'm giving up what I absolutely love dearly. As I stated, I'm still going to be shooting for various purposes like church, other freelance/client work, or just for fun. But to go more in depth with the reason why I'm not posting my work on a public platform for the time being: I just feel like putting my work out there to ultimately wait for some sort of engagement or validity is a toxic way to showcase it.

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